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Top 10 Photoshop Fails

Top 10 Photoshop Fails

05 Jan 2010 General

I’ve spent a lot of time in Photoshop over the last few weeks, manipulating photos and making people look thinner and more plastic. It can be quite obsessive work, so I thought I’d emerge to share this post with you. My friends are always asking me to ‘shop them in their holiday snaps etc, and I’ve slowly noticed that the general consensus is that Photoshop can achieve absolutely anything, and that it’s a simple matter of opening an image in Photoshop and clicking a few buttons for the person in it to resemble Sharon Stone.

It’s true that Photoshop is a phenomenally powerful program, and that pretty much anything can be achieved in it with sufficient time and skill. This photo shows how the program is frequently used and abused by journalists desperate for a story when there is none.

Photoshop Original

However, for anyone who still thinks that making someone go from 20 stone to the cover of Playboy is done with just a couple of mouse clicks, I thought I’d show some of my favourite Photoshop disasters. These are all available elsewhere on the web, and undoubtedly the work of highly proficient Photoshop users who simply found themselves up against a tight deadline or an unreasonable Client.

Top 10 Photoshop fails:

Photoshop Fail 1

There is just too much wrong with this image to even begin to make sarcastic comments.

I’ll start you off with

  • The wing mirror is MASSIVE
  • What angle of reflection is that??
  • The text is the right way around
  • …and let you go from there.

Photoshop Fail 2

One of the most famous Photoshop mistakes, and quite definitely the result of a heavy drinking session the night before. Pretty hard to miss!

Photoshop Fail 3

A miracle cereal that helps you lose weight and turns you white!

Photoshop Fail 4

I’m betting that someone got fired for this one – how do you not notice when you chop off someone’s head?

Photoshop Fail 5

Either someone forgot to put this woman’s jaw back, or she is about to devour her friend in one bite.

Photoshop Fail 6

This Photoshopper obviously just enjoys doing hands, or he got a bit confused by the dress!

Photoshop Fail 7

Very sexy and everything, but is she perhaps missing something? …maybe like a belly button?

Photoshop Fail 8

The clone tool is a wonderful invention, but should perhaps have been used a little more sparingly by this particular Photoshopper.

Photoshop Fail 9

Another classic from the world of sport. My guess is that the designer planned to finish this job later, but never quite got around to it!

Photoshop Fail 10

Either that arm does not belong to that man, or that man does not belong to that arm! …Or possibly he just has one massive arm that he waxes regularly.

Let that be a lesson to all of us to double check our work before it goes to the printers! Probably time for me to get stuck in to my work again… I’ve a feeling I cut a head off a basketball player earlier that I should probably stick back on!

PS. The original source for many of these images is Photoshop Disasters, which is well worth the occasional perusal at your leisure.

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