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Tex Avery – Character Sheets and Designs

Tex Avery – Character Sheets and Designs

13 Mar 2010 General

Everyone knows Tex Avery. It’s just that not everyone knows that they know Tex Avery.

Do you know Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny or Droopy? Then you know Tex Avery.

The man was a legend. He worked at Warner Bros and MGM for most of his prolific career, and created more memorable characters during that time than most other studios managed put together. He practically invented slapstick animated humor, and taught animators all over the world how much power they really had over their creations.

He stretched the boundaries, pushed the line, and created a style of animation that no longer looked to emulate live action, it looked to exceed it in every way.

So why am I waxing lyrical about this man 25 years after he died? Because I came across a website today which contains several of his character sheets, and it really brought home to me how ground breaking the man was. I’ll post one here, but check out comicrazy for the rest.

Tex Avery Modelsheets

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