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When Character Animation and Motion Graphics Combine: Earned Visibility

When Character Animation and Motion Graphics Combine: Earned Visibility

04 Feb 2013 Projects

With the web allowing people to connect and influence one another like never before, how do brands reach and influence the people that matter to their business?

This is a problem faced by many online businesses, and it’s a problem to which¬†Terakeet believe they have found a solution: earned visibility.

We made this short video for them in order to explain that concept to their audience in an enjoyable and engaging way.

The film is a combination of character animation, which helps the audience identify with the problem, and motion graphics, which explains the more technical details in an easy to understand and memorable way. It also uses quick scene changes and a fast pace to keep the audience’s attention, and animated text to ensure that key points are clearly¬†emphasized and unforgettable.

animated film, motion graphics and character animation

As the film travels from a city scene, into space, to an office, to a factory, to a hillside, back to space and finally back to the city again, it was important that all the elements worked together to make a cohesive visual identity. We achieved this with a limited colour palette and appealing design style that remained consistent throughout the many locations.

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