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Royal Observatory Greenwich – animating the Universe

Royal Observatory Greenwich – animating the Universe

26 Apr 2017 Projects

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered at the vastness of the Universe that surrounds you? It’s a fascinating and beautiful place; one which poses constant questions and throws up answers that regularly challenge our understanding of…pretty much everything.

In a three part series for the Royal Observatory Greenwich, we worked with their astronomers to answer a few of the questions they regularly get asked:

What is Light?

What Makes the Universe Colourful?

And, for a slightly younger audience;

The Story of Stars

This fascinating commission was very open in terms of design – with no branding restrictions to follow, we were able to create a geometrical style specifically to suit the films. This allowed us to depict everything from the well known and understood aesthetic of Earth, to dazzlingly beautiful realms of outerspace, to abstract concepts and tecnhnical information, within a single unified style.

We were able to use the Observatory‘s great scripts and huge pools of knowledge to cram the films with personality, humour and fun, while keeping them scientifically accurate, informative and – if we do say so ourselves – darned interesting to boot!


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