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Recording Brian Blessed as the Fearsome Beastie

Recording Brian Blessed as the Fearsome Beastie

17 Jul 2013 Projects

Recording Brian Blessed as the Fearsome Beastie was an experience that I’m going to remember for a very long time. Not only was Brian incredibly professional and a hugely talented actor, he was also charming, generous with his time and a whole lot of fun. The recording session lasted about 45 minutes, but he was with us for about 4 hours, regaling us with stories of his many adventures up Everest and around the world, and his hopes of making a documentary about the Redgrave Theatre in Farnham (where the recording took place).

The Fearsome Beastie crew with Brian Blessed

Co-Directors Katie Steed and and Jon Hunt with Producer Aaron Wood (and Brian Blessed of course)

To become the Beastie was a very difficult task, because the part is more about noises and sounds than dialogue. We had to ask Brian to sit in a booth and growl, gasp, howl and burp his way through the part, which he did with great gusto. He gave us everything that we asked for and a whole lot more. Now all we have to do is sift through the many many hilarious out-takes to find the perfect version of each noise and lay them down against the ever-evolving storyboard.

Luckily, we have the very talented Sound Mixer Joe Sudlow assisting us with this, because I wouldn’t be able to get through more than a few seconds without cracking up at Brian Blessed’s performance. What a guy.

Joe Sudlow in charge of recording Brian Blessed as the Fearsome Beastie

Sound Designer Joe Sudlow wondering if it’s possible for Brian’s enthusiastic bellows to break his microphones

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