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New Animation Studio – London Colney

Now the dust has settled and we are firmly in, we are pleased and proud to invite you to a sneak peek at our new animation studio premises in London Colney.

We’d been looking for a place considerably larger than our old studio in Harpenden, with better transport links and (all important) nice places to go during the rare moments when we lift our heads from our computers and feel like going outside for a few minutes.

Animation Studio London Office

The new studio fulfils all of those criteria. It’s big enough for the new animators and web designers that we’re looking to employ (and to do cartwheels, should the desire overtake us), it’s about as close to the M25 as you can get without being run over, and it’s situated on a beautiful river with willow trees and the all important ice cream van.

It’s also within short walking distance of the biggest Marks and Spencers I’ve ever seen!

Animation Studio London Production

This is a big step for our small studio, and we’re very excited about the future. Come visit us soon at Berkeley House, Barnet Road, London Colney, AL2 1BG.

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