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Tarisio Cozio Violin Moving Offices

Moving Offices – The Animated Way

07 Oct 2012 Projects

Proving that animation truly is the ultimate tool for communicating all sorts of messages and ideas, today we finished a short animation announcing that a company (Tarisio; sellers of  beautiful stringed instruments) is moving offices.

We had previously created a short animated film announcing Tarisio’s acquisition of Cozio (who identify and price equally beautiful stringed instruments), and so were able to retain the same visual style for this shorter piece.

Both use simple, angular characters with distinctive profiles and limited colour palettes against an ink drawn background. Although the drawing style for this background has been updated slightly to make it a little more intricate, the two films share a very similar look and feel.

And while the first film was created to a bespoke piece of music by our frequent collaborator Lewis Cox, we had the opportunity this time to accompany the film with the beautiful stringed instruments of Mr Vivaldi.

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