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Join the Journey – Palladium boots

Join the Journey – Palladium boots

12 May 2017 Projects

I’m gonna shoe to kill.

You need to search your sole

There’s dignity in de-feet.

Aaaaah footwear puns. Pretty sure we’ve heard them all over the last few weeks. This is of course partly due to some seriously terrible humourists amoungst the ranks here at Slurpy, but we’re also going to blame the fact we’ve been staring at boots a lot more than normal recently.

We were commission by KSwiss to create a film that showcases the history of their most famous boot: L’Originale Pampa

It started in 1947, when World War 2 came to and end and the company, which had been making tyres for aircrafts, suddenly found themselves with a lot of rubber, a lot of canvas, and a lot of expertise in combining the two. They came up with a boot; the Palladium, and soon it was adopted by the French Foreign Legion to be their footware of choice. It went around the world; across all terrains and through all conditions, and 70 years later it remains the ultimate shoe for the modern day explorer.

This film was made with a variety of techniques, including hand-drawn animation, 3D, and photomontage, as well as a dazzlingly sexy French voice over and a banging tune (courtesy of Tom Angell).

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