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Jim Henson and the Muppets

Jim Henson and the Muppets

24 Jul 2011 General

Although the Muppets don’t technically class as animation related (or web design for that matter), I simply couldn’t fail to pass on this wonderful picture that I found when idly mooching around the web researching hard.

This is the legendary John Cleese being interviewed by the even more legendary Kermit the Frog, being operated by the beyond legendary Jim Henson.

jim henson, john cleese, kermit the frog

Animators tend to sort of claim the Muppets, despite it contravening the very definition of animation (something that is manipulated frame by frame). Of course, both involve making people believe that inanimate objects are alive, but also because quite similar people and skills are employed in the creation of both – people with  patience that borders on excessive and a willingness to take a back seat to their creations.

Either way, we’re claiming them. Especially Kermit.

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