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Explainer charity video animation for International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI)

IATI – the International Aid Transparency Initiative gets animated!

15 Jan 2017 Projects

Several years ago, we made a short film called ‘Publish What You Fund’ – encouraging people who give aid and resources to make their data public, so Governments using the funds can plan and manage their actions most effectively, Civil society can hold Governments and others to account, and in a humanitarian crisis, resources can be directed to where they are needed most.

The appeal was successful, and now countries from all over the world publish their data, using the IATI standard.

IATI is the International Aid Transparency Initiative; they are the link between those who give aid and those who receive at, that ensures resources go to the places, projects, and people that need them most. And we were of course delighted that, all these years later, they asked us to make a second video explaining how that link works and how they need people to publish, use and continuously improve the data so that it’s accessible to everyone.


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