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Herts Business Expo and Comic Relief

Herts Business Expo and Comic Relief

10 Mar 2011 Events

Just got back from the Herts Expo and I am completely knackered! It was a great day, exceeding all expectations in terms of attendance, business passed, speakers and enjoyment.

I had volunteered to help raise money for Comic Relief by selling packs of materials (paper, plastic cups, straws, string etc) for the frankly extortionate price of £20, that people used to create cars to race on our specially made racetrack. Little did I realise that this would result in me being dressed from head to foot in what can only be described as a condom costume (but was apparently supposed to make me look like a car mechanic) and harassing people as they tried desperately to avoid eye contact.

I shall look more mercifully on ‘chuggers’ from now on!

We raised about £400 for Comic Relief in the end, which, while really quite impressive, would certainly have been larger had the Expo been less darned good. With so many companies and so much business being passed in the room, we could hardly expect people to spend their day manufacturing small paper cars to race on our track. Frankly inconsiderate planning I call it.

But well done to Katrina Sargant and Karen Birch of the Business Club for organising a Business Expo against which all future events will be measured.

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