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Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!

Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!

18 Nov 2011 General

Well technically, Steamboat Willie was the third cartoon made by Walt Disney starring the mischievous mouse, but as it was the first to find a distributor and therefore general release, it’s normally considered the cartoon that gave birth to the head of the world’s best animation studio/evil corporation (depending on your viewpoint).

So sit back, relax and enjoy the cartoon that made Mickey Mickey, which in turn made Disney Disney!

Phenomenal right! It was amongst the first cartoons with synchronised sound, and had Walt himself doing most of the voices. I mean sure, Mickey violently abuses a couple of animals, and it probably wouldn’t pass the censors these days, and sure Mickey was just not very subtly altered version of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, to whom Walt had recently lost the rights…

…but for technical achievement and historic significance, this is probably the most important cartoon ever produced.

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