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Explainer Video Animation Seedrs Equity Crowdfunding

Explainer Video Animation – Seedrs

Investing in start-up projects, whether for financial, personal or philanthropic reasons, can make such a huge difference in the lives of the people who need the capital to start building their future. In this way, by getting small amounts of money from hundreds of people, businesses have been started, films have been made, lives have been changed.

Seedrs is taking that idea and moving it up a level. They are the only crowd sourcing platform that are authorized by the FSA, and aim to help connect investors with entrepreneurs to the advantage of both.

seedrs corporate animation

What they wanted from us was a film that explains the benefits of investing in startups, conveys a few legal bits and pieces and creates excitement in the viewer. The film had to appeal to 2 distinct target audiences – entrepreneurs and investors, and give them the information and persuasion that they need in order to register.

We responded with a film that talks to both target audiences by representing each with a different character. The investor gets to understand the risks and rewards of investing in startups, and the entrepreneur learns of his responsibilities and and opportunities at the same time. The tone is quirky yet professional – fun yet trustworthy, just like the business itself.

Here’s what they had to say:

From start to finish Slurpy Studios did a thoroughly professional, high-quality job, and are just thrilled with the end product. We’ve worked with tons of vendors over the years, but of all of them we struggle to think of one where we were as satisfied with both the manner and substance of the work as we were with Slurpy. If you want a creative, high-quality video and great service – we can’t recommend Slurpy enough!