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Don’t Let The Eco-Warriors Ruin Your Fun

Don’t Let The Eco-Warriors Ruin Your Fun

30 Nov 2012 Projects

Every creative person – be they animator, illustrator, painter or musician, occasionally comes up with a personal project that they plan to do in those hours when the clients are all happy and the bills are all paid.

Those projects, when realised, are often the most creative and inspiring works that we see, because they are created out of nothing but love and a desire to communicate something personal to the outside world.

But for whatever reason, it’s amazing how often those projects don’t get finished…

This is a piece of artwork from one such project. Created to accompany a debate given by Intelligence² entitled “Don’t let the eco-warriors ruin your fun” that was going to be a whiteboard animation such as our recent film for Hire the Barman. Alas, we now feel that the time has passed and the passion has left the project, but we thought we’d reveal some of the unused artwork…

WhiteboardAnimationYou can watch the actual debate footage below:

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