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Screen shot from animated infographic 'fund education'

Comic Relief – Fund Education campaign

30 Sep 2015 Projects

Since I was very young, I’ve looked forward to the biennial telethon that is Comic Relief with a zeal that may have had something to do with the opportunity it once gave me to gunk my year 5 teacher. He knows what he did.

In the years since, the ‘Comic’ part of the evening has remained as hilarious as ever (I mean, did you see the sketch with the Vicar of Dibley trying to become the second female bishop?? – priceless), but the ‘Relief’ part has started getting harder to watch as it highlights crisis after horrifying crisis both here in the UK and around the world. After laughing and crying my way through the 12 hour broadcast, I’m left breathless, devastated and determined to do more – until life, as is so often the case, makes a mockery of all my resolutions.

Comic Relief Fund Education Campaign

So I was delighted to be asked to work on a film to highlight on of this year’s Comic Relief campaigns to Fund Education, and the cheer in the studio told me that the rest of the team were too. Comic Relief is a genuinely wonderful charity that does work we at Slurpy admire and support wherever we can, and we’re very proud to have been able to be a part of one tiny aspect of the work that they do.

The film we made focuses on the power of a single dollar: a dollar which could be spent on a coffee or a slice of pizza, or instead could provide a day’s education for a child in a developing country, to help lift them out of poverty for good.

The film is infographic in style, with smooth, fast paced animation guiding the audience through the necessary information, as well as cute characters providing the empathy and human touch where needed.

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