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Brian Blessed to be the voice of the Beastie

Brian Blessed to be the voice of the Beastie

05 Jun 2013 Projects

We are so very happy to be able to announce the casting of Brian Blessed in our new short film: The Fearsome Beastie.

Brian is a hugely talented and popular British accent, who is most famous for roles as diverse as Caesar Augustus in ‘I, Claudius,’ Old Deuteronomy in ‘Cats,’ and, of course, Prince Vultan in ‘Flash Gordon‘. He was our first, and pretty much our only, choice as the Beastie, so we are very excited (and somewhat relieved) that he said yes!

Brian Blessed to voice the fearsome beastie

With his deep and sonorous voice, his range as an actor, and the enormous amount of control he has over his vocal performances, we are very confident that the role of ‘The Fearsome Beastie’ could not be in better hands.

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