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Behind World War One Uncut Trenches Blackboard

Behind WW1 Uncut #1 – Trenches: Blackboard

13 Apr 2014 Behind the Scenes

Easily the longest sequence that we created for the WW1 Uncut films was for the episode ‘Why Trenches’. In it, Dan Snow is explaining to The One Show’s Michael Douglas why Trenches were necessary, and why they were so difficult to overcome.

Some of the problems that the soldiers faced were demonstrated by Dan Snow shooting Michael Douglas repeatedly with a paintball gun as he attempted to run across a muddy field. Others, we went for the more sophisticated route of cartoons.

Dan Snow becomes a creator like character when the ‘Mini Michael’ that he draws on a blackboard comes to life. Mini Michael then enacts various ways that he might be able to get past the obstacle of the trenches, but each time he is thwarted by Dan’s hand showing the realities of the situation.

This film is a combination of frame by frame animation, stop motion animation and a little bit of compositing witchcraft.

World War One Trenches Blackboard Animation 1

World War One Trenches Blackboard Animation 2

World War One Trenches Blackboard Animation German soldier chases British soldier in trench

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