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BBC World War 1 Uncut Centenary Animation Title

BBC WW1 Uncut Films Now Available Online

16 Oct 2014 Projects

The series of films on ‘BBC World War 1 Uncut’ that Slurpy produced the animation for are now available on the BBC’s YouTube channel along with the other films in the series.

Slurpy worked with Ballista Media to animate a number of sequences narrated by Dan Snow and Michael Douglas for the “series of short films offering a fresh perspective on some of the most fascinating aspects of WWI, shining a light on the real experience and answering key questions.”

You can view full episodes that Slurpy worked on below – but we highly recommend you watch the entire series.

A Soldier’s Kit – WW1 Uncut: Dan Snow – BBC

(Animated sequence 4.30 mins in)

Why Barbed Wire? – WW1 Uncut: Dan Snow – BBC

(Animated sequences 30 secs, 1.20 mins, and 1.50 mins in)

Why Trenches? – WW1 Uncut: Dan Snow – BBC

(Animated sequence 6 mins in)

A Soldier’s Food – WW1 Uncut: Dan Snow – BBC

(Animated sequence 1 min in)

More details about the project can be found here – BBC World War One Uncut Project

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