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Merry Christmas To One and All!

Merry Christmas To One and All!

18 Dec 2009 Projects

Things are a little over excited here at Slurpy Towers – it’s nearly Christmas, and we’ve been feeling the festive love for well over a month now. In fact we brought our Christmas tree on November 13th this year, and have had Wham’s Last Christmas on repeat pretty much ever since!

Slurpy Christmas Card 09

We’ve put up the decorations, stolen some holly, experimented with mince pies (we didn’t have a pan with the holes in, so they were more like mince pasties really), brought the presents, got our auto responder set up and ready to go, and made our Christmas Cards.

This was the first year that we sent out special Slurpy Christmas cards, and we designed one which featured our two Directors Katie Steed and Aaron Wood in a 50s style Christmas scene (with Katie doing all the work and Aaron sitting about shaking his presents!)

And here is a short video that we made on ‘The Making Of’ this years Christmas Card. It starts with a rough sketch on paper, which is then scanned in and coloured using Photoshop CS4. It has been sped up by about 800%.

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