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New Girlguide activity badges

Girlguides add Animation in activity badge overhaul

26 Jul 2018 News Bites

Girlguiding has had an overhaul and redesigned its badges and added a host of new activities to “reflect the diversity of girls and modern life in the 21st Century”.

The organisation wanted to update its programme to help girls explore new interests and try things out for the first time, building their skills and confidence as they go, while reflecting our constantly changing interests and way we live our lives.

Animation Girlguide badge

Animation is one of the new skills that has been added, alongside Storytelling, and make up over 800 badges/skills within 6 main themes: Skills for my Future, Have Adventures, Be Well, Know Myself, Express Myself and Take Action. The other new skills are:

  • Inventing
  • Human rights
  • Craftivism
  • Coding
  • Festival go-ing

There are also special new skills builder badges which are designed to help girls develop skills as they grow older, from Rainbows , through Brownies and Guides, to Rangers.

Storytelling Girlguide badge

Liddy Buswell, a volunteer for the organisation, says:

This is such an exciting time to be part of Girlguiding. Where else would girls have the opportunity to be introduced to such a wide range of topics from tech and STEM, aviation and archaeology, to voting or surviving in the wild?

The new badges, activities and designs will be gradually rolled out so that by September 2019 all Brownies and Guides will be working towards this new programme.

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