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Soccerex Title Sequence for Sky Sports

Soccerex Title Sequence for Sky Sports

10 Dec 2009 Projects

We at Slurpy have just finished working on the title animation sequence for Soccerex 09, which is on Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 2 and Sky Sports HD over the coming days. The sequence shows a football as it journeys down a pitch past various players before arriving in the goal and transforming in to a globe, which shows Africa where the Soccerex Event took place. The textures of the piece and the colours used also reflect an African palette, because we felt it was important to combine the energy of the sport with the importance of the geographical location.

Our friends suffer greatly for the privilege of knowing us. Some get frequent phone calls asking about different types of music, others are forced to ensure that we eat and sleep a reasonable amount during tight deadlines, and some (most in fact) are asked to perform bizarre acts in front of a camera.

Let me clarify that. We often need live action footage as a reference for our animation, and this short title sequence was no exception. Several of our friends spent their lunch breaks performing headers and sliding tackles for us to provide the footage for this film. Their dedication and grazed knees are much appreciated.

We hope you like it, let us know what you think!

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