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Animated Promotional film: Broadcast Industry’s Best Kept Secret

Finishing this 3 minute film for an incredibly tight deadline has been one of the biggest challenges we’ve had, and has resulted in a huge upswing in the amount of energy drinks consumed! So if you’ve you’ve noticed that our staff seem to have bloodshot eyes and uncontrollably twitching fingers recently, then this film is probably the reason.

The result however is a film that we’ve very happy with, so take a look and tell us if you think it was worth the sleepless nights and bizarre moodswings! In the meantime, we’ve got another film we need to get started on, and have just found out that Booker sells energy drinks by the crate!

It’s for Oasys, who offer the most compact and modular software based automated playout solution on the market today, and was made in conjunction with Marketing Agency Howell Penny and PR agency Bubble & Squeak