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Animated Adverts for Etefy

Animated Adverts for Etefy

30 Aug 2016 Projects

You shouldn’t play favourites with projects and films (or children *apparently*), but you’d be hard pushed to find anyone in the studio who didn’t absolutely love working on this stunning series of animated adverts for new online supermarket Etefy.


Each of the 9 films depicts a problem faced by a Londoner – from trying to cycle home with all your weekly shopping, to realising too late that the night’s getting steamy and you’re all out of <ahem> protection – and then shows the solution offered by Etefy – from free delivery to a one hour service – that makes Londoner’s lives simple, straight forward and delivery charge free. And makes those of us living outside the M25 a burning sense of jealousy.

Given a very open brief with regards to the visual style, we were able to combine a rich colour palette with strong camera angles and cinematic lighting to dictate the mood and tone of each scene, and create scenarios that the audience will both recognise and empathise with.

These films will be appearing online one at a time over the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for a pregnancy induced anchovy fest, a panicked man cooking for his new in-laws and a very cheeky kitten!


(All nine films are now online now – you can view our top four films from the series here)

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