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Slurpy Studios is committed to providing online content accessible to all. The text below outlines the areas in which we have endevoured to provide optimal accessibility. (For more information on these outlines visit W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)

Page Organisation – Our site has been built using semantic HTML markup and is structured logically using the correct heading, paragraph, list, blockquote, etc. elements. All aspects of design, style and layout have been created using CSS. Therefore, our site is accessible for users operating specialized software (ie, JAWS) or those viewing on other devices (mobile phone, PDA). Our site does not use any tables or frames for layout – tables are only used for tabular information.

WC3 Standards – Our site conforms to W3C standards for both HTML5 (check HTML markup validation) and CSS3 (check CSS validation).

Videos – Our videos are hosted on Vimeo and are viewable on both standard computer  screens and mobile devices. Our videos include a brief description using the “alt” tag, but unfortunately do not support Closed Captioning or subtitles yet.

Images – All images use the “alt” and “title” attributes to describe visual or representational information.

Technologies and Plugins – Although our site uses Javascript and jQuery, it does so sparingly. Where possible we have provided alternative content or descriptions should these features be inaccessible or unsupported. (jQuery is used for some visual enhancements.)

We are always striving to make our visitors’ experiences better, so if you have suggestions regarding this site please contact us at