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About Slurpy Studios

Who we are

Founded in 2007, Slurpy Studios is an award winning London animation studio. Headed up by producer, Aaron Wood, and Creative Director, Katie Steed, our team will take your ideas from concept to final animation. We have over ten years' experience creating animated content for commercials, TV, explainer films, apps, education and internal communications.

Who we work with

We love developing projects with a wide range of clients; with most of our projects involving advertising agencies, production companies, educational organisations, museums, and directly with brands. Whether you are just looking to gather a quote for now, or quickly need a service studio to come on board at short notice to help deliver a project, we can help with any size animation project.

What we can do for you

Slurpy offer a full range of in-house facilities to take a project from concept to delivery. From script writing, concept art, and character design, to storyboarding, animation and sound design/music. We can adapt to any visual style or technique, including 2D animation, motion graphics and whiteboard animation.

What our clients say

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Meet the team

  • Aaron Wood Producer Managing Director 2

    Aaron Wood

    Managing DirectorProducer
  • Katie Steed Creative Director

    Katie Steed

  • Oana Nechifor Animator Production Designer

    Oana Nechifor

    Director & AnimatorAnimator
  • Fern Bailey Animator

    Fern Bailey

  • Ben Mitchell Animator

    Ben Mitchell

  • Bianca Ansems Animation Storyboard Artist

    Bianca Ansems

    Storyboard Artist
  • Ada Polcyn

    Background ArtistAnimator
  • Julia Young Animator

    Julia Young

  • Alastair McColl Animation Director

    Alastair McColl

    Animation DirectorAnimator
  • Francesca Pich Animator

    Francesca Pich

  • Profile photo of Niall High, Animator

    Niall High

  • Craig Smith Animator

    Craig Smith

    Background ArtistAnimator
  • Andrew Whittle

  • Nick Crimmen Animator

    Nick Crimmen

  • Tom Lowe Sound Design Lowe Frequency

    Tom Lowe

    Sound Designer
  • Wez Allard Sound Design Composer

    Wez Allard

    Music ComposerSound Designer

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