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A Film About Poo…

A Film About Poo…

21 Sep 2011 General

This was one of my favourite animations from last years festival circuit. Well animated, quick moving, surprisingly cute and annoyingly catchy, ‘a song about poo’ is something I probably should’ve shared with you a long time ago.

It won the jury vote at the London International Animation Awards 2009. I’m not sure if it was made as a serious piece to promote hand washing or if it was just a bit of fun, but either way I know that I wont be walking away from the toilet without a thorough scrubbing any time soon!

animation - a-film-about-pooAnother fantastic example of using animation to create a funny and memorable film with a serious message.

And while we’re on the subject, everyone should see this one:

You can tell it’s French – the English would never have allowed it on TV where it might corrupt the minds of the innocent, but there’s no denying that this is an unforgettable film that manages to impart its message without being didactic, over bearing or patronising. It will be passed from teenager to teenager with glee, and without them realising that they’re spreading, and making cool, a message about safe sex. Hats off to the French I say!

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